Every member of the GIVE FOUNDATION GUYANA in order to qualify for membership shall:
  • 1. Be of good character
  • 2. Must be 16 years or older
  • 3. Have a special interest in helping others
  • 4. Be prepared to participate actively in all of the organization’s activities and work to ensure its sustainability
  • 5. Be prepared to sign a statement of conforming his/her willingness to comply with the rules of the organization, with decisions and order of meetings and accept liability to all obligations, penalties and conditions prescribed in these rule
  • 6. Volunteers must attend at least five activities before confirming to General Membership status, if failure to do so then she/he will remain a volunteer, which can be forfeited, if failure to participate in the foundation activities
  • 7. Volunteers must attend at least three consecutive activities upon being registered or he/she will forfeit their right to be part of Give Foundation Guyana and/or use our name at any point in time

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