Membership Rules


The various types of membership are as follows:
  • 1. VOLUNTEER MEMBERS- those who are willing to give their time and interested in just just giving their time at various outreaches/events without want of participating in another foundation activities
  • 2. GENERAL MEMBERS- those who satisfy the qualifications for membership and have special interest in the foundation’s activities
  • 3. EXECUTIVE MEMBERS – consist of those who were elected to serve on the executive
  • 4. HONORARY MEMBERS – persons who the Foundation admits with the understanding that their presence and contribution will enhance the foundation’s public image and status


Other than the original founding members, persons applying for membership at a fully constituted meeting must first be introduced by a member, proposed for membership and approved by vote. Persons admitted as a member of the Foundation shall receive a copy of the Foundation's rules.
However, Via online application forms :
  • 1. Volunteers must be present and participate in at least three activities after being confirmed as a registered volunteer with Give Foundation Guyana
  • 2. After being present at least five consecutive events you will be eligible to apply for membership within the foundation


Membership shall be terminated by:
  • 1. Withdrawal from the Foundation after giving a written notice. If any of the Foundation’s property is in his/her possession it must be returned upon submission of withdrawal letter
  • 2. Death
  • 3. Permanent Insanity

  • 1. Volunteers must attend at least five activities before confirming to General Membership status, if failure to do so then she/he will remain a volunteer and can be forfeited if failure to participate in the foundation activities
  • 2. Volunteers must attend at least three consecutive activities upon being registered or he/she will forfeit their right to be part of Give Foundation Guyana and/or use our name at any point in time


Members may be expelled for:
  • 1. Disorderly and/or threatening behaviour which may be likely to terrorize members of the Foundation, officials, and members of the public, and which may cause damage to the Foundation's image
  • 2. Any action which may be deemed by the Executive to be dishonest or contrary to the objectives and interest of the Foundation
  • 3. Failure to attend meetings and events consecutively - without valid reasons
  • 4. Failure to adhere to rules to under membership qualifications


Every member who is accused, challenged, and brought before the disciplinary committee is entitled to the following;
  • 1. The right to have a friend or a legal council to present his/her case lead a defence
  • 2. The right to call witnesses
  • 3. The right to a fair and just hearing
  • 4. The right to appeal the decision of the disciplinary committee
  • 5. The right to request the appeal be heard by the Executive


The benefits of the Foundation in so far as possible and practical shall be extended to financial members and those individuals and organizations that it will serve, and society at large. The benefits of the Foundation shall not be of personal or private nature.


Every member in good faith and not under any disciplinary action will be given the right to vote


Any member who commits the following acts:
  • 1. Obstructs, threatens or assaults a member of the foundation, or any official acting in the execution of his duty; or wilfully performs any act which causes the smooth and efficient operation of the Foundation to be impaired; or maliciously damage the property of the Foundation; or unlawfully interfere with any property of the Foundation with intent to damage or defrauds shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to pay a fine or subject to suspension or expulsion to be determined by the disciplinary committee
  • 2. Any member to whom the Foundation’s property has been entrusted or who may be responsible for the protection of such property shall be liable to pay a fine to be determined by the disciplinary committee for any loss or damage resulting from negligence
  • 3. Any fine imposed or demand made by the disciplinary committee for the payment of money for the cost of repairing or replacing any article which was damaged or lost due to negligence, or for any offence he/she may have been found guilty of and fined; if normal effects failed to collect the outstanding amount, the disciplinary committee may upon the general meeting, take whatever legal steps necessary to recoup the sum outstanding
  • 4. No individual is permitted to use Give Foundation Guyana name under any circumstances, unless you are a bona fide member, who participate actively in the foundation. If found guilty go this - The foundation will take legal actions against you

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