What we do?

GIVE Foundation Guyana was formed on the core values of improving humanity in any possible way one can. We, as human beings always seem to take from society and the world but for humanity to evolve and help each other.Hence, we need to GIVE selflessly in order to make the world better place in whatever little way we can. GIVE Foundation Guyana, profoundly aspire to inspire humanity through Humanitarianism, Generosity, Inspiring, Volunteerism and Youth Empowering program.

Who are we?

The idea of forming the Foundation here in Guyana first materialized in August 2012, when one of the co-founder returned from representing Guyana at the United Nations Alliance Of Civilization Summer School in Portugal. Through her humanitarian work, she has grown to be an activist by nature and volunteer at heart - it was decided to finally make thoughts into actions. However, It wasn't until August of 2015 the actual work of getting the foundation started was initialized, after years of planning. "In 2015, the foundation was brought to life - With all executive member being elected by members and volunteers whom were represent at the initial meeting." GIVE FOUNDATION GUYANA is solely a non-religious, non-political, non-governmental & non-profit organization with the main objective of reaching out to those in need and giving back to society. We intend to use our resources and skills to impact the lives of those in need. As Winston Churchill said"We make living by what we get but we make a life by what we give." Our organization exist to extend our hands of friendship to those in need, we seek to gain not fame nor fortune but to serve humanity, in addition to that, to seek collaboration in the fighting against the existing social ills affecting our nation - Guyana. We are committed to the cause and our objective is to impact lives and effect positive change as we work together to make Guyana a better place.

Our group of volunteers


Uma Bux


Chetram Bux

Dr. Juliana Beharry

Dr. Jason Ramcharran

Mikhail Roberts

Tiana Archibald


Krutang Patel

Dr. Josh Ramah

Tristanna Gouveia

Tabika Pierre

Sanat Mapari


Deborah Kehinde

Harry Van Bommel MP

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